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Unique art, lively expression and a subtle confidence

Peter Coombs is a jeweller, metalsmith and eyewear designer from Adelaide, South Australia. He made is first pair of frames in 1985 whilst studying for a Bachelor of Design (majoring in Jewellery and Metalsmithing) at The University of South Australia. From there evolved a 30 year journey exploring alternative, innovative ways to form and colour a variety of precious and refractive metals.

A back-to-basics approach along with a good understanding and respect for mechanical construction has driven a fascination with the design elements of a frame. This is a constant and defining feature in the evolution of his eyewear, the ongoing challenge of resolving designs that deliver longevity, comfort and functionality for the wearer. Peter Coombs eyewear is ‘Jewellery for the Face’. All pieces are limited and rare, if not one-off, designs.

Peter Coombs Eyewear is exclusive to 20/20 Optical in Queensland. You can find Peter’s latest collection, Soirée, at James Street and 4 O’Clock Collection at our Brisbane Arcade store.

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