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ANNE et VALENTIN is a quirky, stylish range which began in 1984 in Toulouse, France, when Anne and Valentin decided to create the kind of eyewear they wanted to see in the world. These two forces of nature have spent their lives nurturing and expanding their brand over time. Their creations are original, colourful, lively, and ergonomically crafted to respect those who wear them.

The design team work on a principle of creating pure, elegant lines in their signature colours, inspired by the nearby Mediterranean Sea. Soft pinks, sea greens + blues feature in their iconic sunglass range of metal, titanium and acetate.

ANNE et VALENTIN design for people rather than fashion, which is part of their success in creating pieces that appeal for their own beauty, not in reference to anything else. The form of each piece, rather than technology, is paramount to their design aesthetic. You can find ANNE et VALENTIN Sunglasses at 20/20 Optical Brisbane Arcade and James Street stores.