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Dreamed in Berlin • Handmade in Italy

Livio Graziottin and Sergio Eusebi met for the first time in Berlin in 2009 during the private art gallery showing of a mutual friend. KUBORAUM means cubic room in German. The name derives from their aim to radically change how individuals perceive themselves and their relationship with eyewear. Nonconformist and daring, the label challenges the limits of creativity by experimenting with fabrics and materials, and production & manufacturing techniques.

The KUBORAUM wearer must be comfortable with themselves and feel free in emphasising their personalities. Every pair of sunglasses is a mask with its own look and power. The brand is all about the relationship between the daring eyewear and its wearer – the mask doesn’t highlight itself, it highlights the personality and the features of the person wearing it.

KUBORAUM combines the Italian artisanal tradition with Berlin-based creativity. It's the combination between the know-how of Italian manufacturing mixed with experimentation inspired by the city of Berlin: “Dreamed in Berlin, Handmade in Italy.”

Find KUBORAUM at 20/20 Optical, James Street store.