We believe service should match the product it supports. Our designers create the magic that inspires the rest of the market, and in our work we too aim to be the inspirational standard of quality service.

At 20/20 we are interested in the big picture. We will discuss with you the latest lens designs and materials, and how they may enhance your lifestyle. Our expertise lies in advising on the best options to suit your requirements.

We charge an appropriate amount that reflects the goods and services we provide – you pay for what you get. Our reputation and future depends on the service we give you and the eyewear you choose.

If you look good, we look good… it’s as simple as that.



We examine your eyes not only to make sure you are seeing properly, but to make sure your eyes are healthy. When your eyes are healthy but you’re not seeing properly then usually eyewear or contact lenses are advisable.

When your eyes are not in perfect health and need to be seen by an ophthalmologist, then we will refer you promptly to the one who specialises in the care you need. There are specialities for retinal, corneal, cataracts, pterygiums, lids, LASIK and glaucoma.

Have your eyes checked regularly. We’ll send you a reminder every 2 years, but don’t hesitate to come and see us sooner should you have any concerns regarding your vision or eye health.



Our regular Full eye test consultation is 30 minutes at a cost of $120. This includes all eye health checks including retinal photography. Your Medicare rebate is $56.80 when your last test was more than 3 years ago. If less than 3 years, your rebate is $28.45.

For Check-up consultations, a short consultation is 20 minutes at a cost of $80. A short consult is applicable in the incidence of a scratched eye or foreign object removal. Your Medicare rebate is $28.45.

If you have had a full eye test within the last year, a Prescription Check when proceeding with new 20/20 eyewear is 15 minutes and will be bulk-billed with Medicare.



Our business is about finding the best solution to your contact lens needs. Whether you are an occasional wearer (weddings, parties etc), you live in them 24/7, or somewhere in between… It’s about keeping it simple.

Contact Lens Teach: For first-time contact lens wearers, your comprehensive consultation takes an hour at a cost of $200. This is a full teaching session and includes trial lenses and follow-up appointments. There is no Medicare rebate for this service.

Contact Lens Aftercare: For your eye health, all contact lens teach sessions must book in for a contact lens aftercare session 1 week following their ‘teach’. This will take between 15-30 minutes, at no charge.

We stock an extensive range of Dailies, Monthlies and solutions.

20/20 LENSES

At 20/20, your eyewear is always matched with the best lens option, both in material and design. We have invested heavily in state of the art measuring, edging and finishing equipment.

Why? Because we believe in providing the best fitting of your lenses to your new eyewear. We avoid outsourcing this process as the quality of the work returned is not consistent. Much of the eyewear that 20/20 carries is unique… and unique eyewear requires specialised fitting of the lenses.

There is only one thing worse than ordinary eyewear, and that is beautiful eyewear with sub-quality, poorly fitted lenses.


If you’re unable to visit us during business hours, or prefer to choose your eyewear without others popping in to the store, we offer a Private Viewing service.

Our out-of-hours service gives you the time and space to relax, sip champagne and be lavished with expert attention to find the very best eyewear for you.

As with everything in life, privilege is not without cost. In order to provide this service, we require a booking deposit of $600, which is (of course) refundable on purchase of 20/20 eyewear.


To ensure your eyewear looks as beautiful in a year’s time as it did when purchased, we recommend our complimentary 20/20 eyewear service every 6 months.

We will clean your frame, check + oil the hinges, and make any necessary adjustments to avoid potential damage.

To make your appointment for fittings + servicing, please call: Brisbane Arcade on 3483 2020 or James Street on 3852 2020.

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Will my frames last forever?

Eyewear does not last forever. Spending more than you normally would does not equate to a lifetime guarantee. We all have a limited time on this planet… moving parts eventually break down, sofa fabrics will fade, house paint will peel, titanium can break, stainless steel stains, cutlery can rust, hair dye will stain eyewear temples (particularly white acetate).

People do not spontaneously combust… nor does eyewear suddenly break when we open the case to put them on. Although we may first notice a break when we go to put them on, the damage has invariably been caused by previous trauma or prolonged stress.

Eyewear will scratch when placed in pockets, particularly when combined with pens, keys or loose change… crack when grabbed off the head by ourselves, our children or grandchildren… be damaged when tried on by others at festive occasions… be ruined when using angle grinders… rust when you swim or shower in them… stretch when worn on top of the head.

All pretty basic stuff really… things we all do to our eyewear, but shouldn’t. The good news is 20/20 is always there to service and adjust your eyewear and provide you with the right advice. However, 20/20 is not responsible for ensuring your eyewear outlives you.

If your eyewear is in trouble, contact us as soon as possible. The sooner we can assess the damage, the sooner we can help you.


All repairs for 20/20 Optical eyewear are complimentary, with the exception of a major repair including soldering, a broken screw, concealed joint replacement or other repairs requiring over 15 minutes of labour. For 20/20 eyewear, a major repair is a charge of $50.

For non- 20/20 Optical eyewear the list of services for repairs is as follows:

Initial Frame Fitting – $50

Routine Adjustment – $20

Annual Service – $50 (Includes thorough cleaning, nose pad replacement and adjustment)

Minor Repair – $20 (Includes replacement of either nose pads or temple tips, or screw replacement requiring up to 15 minutes labour).

Major Repair – $100 (Includes frame solder, removal of broken screw and replacement, concealed joint replacement, or any other repair requiring over 15 mins labour).

While all due care and attention is taken in the execution of repairs, eyewear never strengthens over time and breakages can happen. 20/20 Optical does not accept liability for damage incurred while any service or repair is undertaken.

20/20 Optical reserves the right to refuse to undertake any repairs as it sees fit.


Warranty claims are for structural flaws and not for accidents or wear + tear. This includes:

Eyewear manufacturing defects. The most common defect is paint surfaces peeling. This does not include scratches. Period of cover: 12 months.

Lens Coatings. Defective surface coatings resulting in ‘crazing’. This is when the whole surface of the coating cracks or warps. This is an unusual occurrence. Please avoid extremes of temperature like leaving eyewear in the glovebox. Period of cover: 24 months.

Specified conditions. Eyewear is (a) only worn in appropriate conditions, (b) placed on and removed from face in an appropriate manner, (c) placed in and removed from case in an appropriate manner.

What is not covered

Scratches and chipping to lenses and frames. We only use premium lenses. All lenses fitted to our eyewear with an exposed edge (rimless and semi-rimless) are designed for normal use and surpass industry standards.

Should there be chipping or cracking of a lens, then it has occurred due to trauma or inappropriate use. All of these actions fall under the category of ‘accidents’.

Accidents are a normal part of life. Accepting ownership of accidents is a fundamental we teach our children as a prerequisite of becoming a mature adult.

Accidents are not covered under warranty by 20/20 nor by our suppliers.


It is prudent to ensure we minimise the chance of accidents occurring and indeed recurring. To ensure we minimise the financial pain of accidents, it is wise to include your eyewear in your insurance. In fact, ‘to ensure’ is ‘to insure’.

20/20 Optical strongly advises insuring your eyewear against accidental loss or damage.

Your Home + Contents Insurance will usually provide this cover for an extra premium. This extra level of cover can also be a godsend for things like mobile phones etc. As always, read the fine print before committing to any policy.

20/20 Optical is always happy to provide proof of original purchase and quotations for replacements for your insurers. We can email or post these to you upon request.

20/20 Optical strongly advises investing in a second pair.

Yes, we are the first to admit that a second pair is more business for us. This message is not meant for most of our clients who happily own more than one pair of shoes and recognise the importance of having more than one pair of eyewear.

This message is for our clients who happily own more than one pair of shoes but refuse to invest in a second set of eyewear… Should there be accidental loss or damage to your eyewear, life becomes unbearable. Invariably this happens while away on holiday or for business and then suddenly normal functioning stops. We hear this tale of woe constantly. We are here to help… prepare for Plan B: Invest in a second pair.

For more information on any of our services, and any repairs or warranty claims please…