SUZY GLAM made its debut in 2012 at the trade show in Paris. With designs worked in three-dimensional form, love for great fits and carefully chosen palettes, the Amsterdam-based company has been dazzling the eyewear industry ever since.

Designer and jeweller, Susanne Klemm, creates all the prototypes from scratch in their in-store workshop, working every frame directly like a sculptor. The designs are strong shapes that emphasise character – bold and elegant at the same time and always with a perfect fit.

Suzy Glam designs eyewear for women and for men. The female styles have a powerful presence with a strong feminine character. The distinctive eyewear for men are designed for confident men who do not shy away from glamour; individualists who dare to show themselves.

Although Suzy Glam recognises the history of eyewear, she wants to go beyond ‘retro’ and create a collection suitable for a new generation of eyewear lovers.

You can find SUZY GLAM at 20/20 Optical's James Street store.