Zeiss Lens Wipes (5 boxes) + free postage*

Zeiss Lens Wipes (5 boxes) + free postage*


50 lens wipes per box

*Free postage within Australia

If you’ve used this fabulous product, then you already know how amazing they are at keeping your lenses sparkling clean. You probably also know that they’re very handy for any kind of screen you may use… mobile, computer etc.

Most of our clients cannot get enough of them and we’re happy to oblige! We fully acknowledge it doesn’t make sense to buy just one box online (not with postage at $10 for an Express Post bag), but you can get the sweetest deal on Zeiss Wipes by buying 5 boxes for $30 and the postage is free!

Don’t forget, we also have a handy option to collect your items in-store. Just select which store and bring in your email receipt for a super speedy in and out service :)


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When purchasing 5 boxes of Zeiss Lens Wipes, your postage is free.

Please be sure to select the “5 Items or more” option in Shipping.